Personalised and safer internet

PhormDiscover is a free service offered to you by your ISP (fixed or wireless), which automatically brings you relevant, personalised content from across the web.

If you choose to use it, PhormDiscover works for you by understanding your interests from the pages you visit, matching them to the content of millions of websites, and providing you with personalised content.

We also offer PhormSecure, an automatic security capability that warns you if you are about to go to a fraudulent site, and protects you and your family from possible phishing or malware attacks.

These free technologies are paid for by advertising like most of the services that you enjoy on the internet today. But rather than present you with irrelevant ads, Phorm's system anonymously understands your interests and shows marketing offers that are more interesting and useful to you.

Importantly, Phorm's technologies are based on industry-leading privacy standards. The opt-in system can never identify individuals, does not store any personally identifiable information and keeps no browsing histories.

So if your ISP decides to offer you PhormDiscover and PhormSecure - and you decide to participate - you’ll be getting personalised content and more useful advertising, as well as built-in security, all for free.