About us

Phorm (AIM: PHRM) is an internet personalisation technology company quoted on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange with innovative products that can benefit everyone across the global online ecosystem.

Phorm’s technology preserves user privacy while at the same time seamlessly delivering a more interesting online experience to consumers. Phorm does not store a user’s browsing history or any personally identifiable information. Instead it understands what the anonymous user is interested in from a limited dataset of appropriate and pre-approved advertising and content channels. As a result, sensitive topics are always excluded from what the platform understands. Specifically, Phorm does not permit channels containing adult content, politics, medical or psychological conditions, religion, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, gambling, illegal activities, or the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or firearms.

And so…

For Publishers, Phorm’s Open Internet Exchange (OIX) platform changes their low-value ad inventories into high-value, premium ad space.

For Advertisers, Ad Networks and Agencies, Phorm provides a cheaper source of keyword text advertising across all categories, plus unprecedented control of performance parameters like recency and frequency. Furthermore, Phorm’s clicks have consistently produced significantly higher conversion rates than its competitors.

For our consented and anonymous Consumers, browsing the web becomes genuinely more compelling.

Phorm is a Singapore incorporated company, which was admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange under a predecessor holding company in 2004. Phorm has offices in Singapore and London.