About us

Phorm is a global personalisation technology company that makes content and advertising more relevant to consumers. Phorm’s innovative platform preserves user privacy and delivers a more interesting online experience. Phorm’s partners include leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs - fixed and wireless), publishers, ad networks, advertisers and agencies.

Phorm's personalisation technologies enhance the core ISP proposition - browsing the web - by personalising the web to each ISP customer. Phorm’s technologies power two products – the Open Internet Exchange (OIX) and PhormDiscover.

The OIX is an interest-based advertising platform that works at the ISP level. It allows ISPs to generate a potentially high-margin revenue stream by participating in the $72.5 billion online advertising industry, enables advertisers and agencies to reach their most valuable audience segments with unprecedented precision, and gives publishers and networks more potential value from every page.

PhormDiscover is Phorm’s free service offered to consumers by ISPs. PhormDiscover benefits consumers, through the provision of personalised content, more relevant advertising (using the OIX) and built-in security. PhormDiscover’s personalised content feature delivers relevant content to consumers in the form of an ISP-branded personalised home page and an in-page widget that can appear on potentially any publisher’s website. Publishers benefit from PhormDiscover as it enables them to show relevant content from within their sites leading to increased user engagement and monetisation opportunities. PhormDiscover’s security feature, PhormSecure, offers consumers network level security from fraudulent websites and dangerous software. 

Importantly, Phorm’s technology sets industry-leading privacy standards. It can never identify individuals, never stores any personally identifiable information, and keeps no record of where they have been. It anonymously understands what a user likes in order to match the right content or advertising to their interests. The system does not store information regarding sensitive activities. Also, the company does not allow the creation of interest channels that may reasonably be considered sensitive. These include: adult; children; political; sexual orientation; use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco; medical and psychological conditions; gambling; religion; race and ethnicity; or involvement in illegal activities.

With offices in Singapore, London, Istanbul, Bucharest and São Paulo, Phorm (AIM: PHRM) is a Singapore incorporated company, publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM since 2004.